My Whimsical Art Slideshow

With delightful abandon, I adore creating subject matter that comes solely from my imagination. Apparently I never outgrew communicating with nature and inanimate objects, without which my entire life experience of 60+ would be less enchanting. 

The 3 Whimsies
Fae Love
Whimsy Pop Cat
Mod Sunflower
Whimsy Owl
We Are Different
Born of the 2013 Rains
Ocean Puppy
Let the Sun Shine
Bejeweled Blue
Who Me?
Fae 1b
Fae 8c
Fae 7
Fae 2
Fae 6
Fae 8e
Fae 3
Fae 8a
Fae 8d
Don't die with your Dance in You
Cosmic Flower
Celebrate Differences
Pop Floral 2
Girl Bunny
Pop C Paw
Babes in the Woods
Pop Tree
I'll see you on the Rainbow Bridge
Pop Floral
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Email me with comments or interest for availability in prints, licensing, or originals. Inquiries are most welcome!

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