Live Your Soul’s Design

Empower Your Life… Remember Your Purpose… Live Your Dream

Soul Support Systems is dedicated to bringing the Heart and Soul into the mainstream of the world. We provide tools and experiences to empower your life in living your purpose. In helping you to develop a deeper connection within yourself, your own self-authority can guide all your actions. When expressing in your truthful and authentic ways, life becomes meaningful and profound.

Our work is based on the tenets that we are all one. As such, we Unify our hearts to create peace on earth. We believe that everyone truly wants to transform. Truthfully, no matter what is happening in our lives or what choices we are making, we can obtain wholeness.

Soul Support’s experiential spiritual programs, educational classes and materials offer you a template for fully embracing all that you are! Together we will focus on the relationship between the body, mind, emotion and spirit. If your heart and soul calls you in this way, then, call us! We would love to talk with you about a Plan of Action that fully brings You ALIVE!

Our Core Programs

Soul Recognition

Soul Recognition is a deep and meaningful life-changing opportunity to dive deeply into the innermost world of our being.


HeartThread connects the body and the unconscious mind to promote healing and well-being.

Circuitry Alignment℠

Circuitry Alignment connects our soul with its original design to clarify our purpose.

Accelerated Thinking Process℠

Accelerated Thinking Process Unifies the left and the right brain so that we function at our optimal capacity.

Heart of the World Flower Essences

Soul Recognition is a deep and mea Heart of the World Flower Essences were harvested from the life systems of plants and trees in the south of France.
“The feeling is that these represent the heart of the world, even though they are from the country of my heart.
Heart of the World Flower Essences are not just for human beings that live now,
not just for the human beings that are being born, and not just for our ancestors
that we can follow in our genealogy – this is for the human race.”
Mary Magdalene

Program Facilitators in North America and Europe

There are many Facilitators in North America and Europe trained in the modalities offered through Soul Support Systems;  Soul Recognition℠, Circuitry Alignment℠, HeartThread℠, Accelerated Thinking Process℠, and additional Spiritual Guidance are offered for individual experiences. If there is not a practitioner in your area, these disciplines can take place on the phone, wherever you are in the world! For questions, please call us at (802) 722-9554 or email SSS.

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Live Your Soul’s Design

Empower Your Life… Remember Your Purpose… Live Your Dream

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